Terms and Conditions

Welcome to InstaStoryViewer.de's official website! This website is a top-notch platform where anybody can enjoy and explore Instagram anonymously. However, you need to accept our privacy policy with our terms and conditions to enjoy our best services without interruption. Take a few minutes of your schedule and carefully read these terms and conditions to understand how we collect, analyze, and disclose your data.

Acceptance Of Our Terms

Insta Story Viewer lets you enjoy a more engaging IG experience. You can stalk anybody on this platform privately as our working algorithms efficiently conceal your activity from getting in the eyes of the owner.

However, we need to collect some of your details to ensure the proper functioning of our website. All the rules and regulations are mentioned below, so read carefully before accessing our website.

How We Collect Your Data?

This website is an online free platform that works efficiently with all digital devices. We collect the following data to ensure you enjoy a more immersive IG experience privately.

Personal Details

InstaStoryViewer may ask you for some of your personally identifiable information to contact you. These details include your name, personal number, email address, or more and we can collect this information via survey or rating forms that you can fill out or refuse voluntarily.

Non Personal Data

Our website collects some of the non-personal details of our visitors, including device type, browser name, IP address, device location, and more. We keep a record of our visitors to improve our website's performance and response speed.

Browsing Information

We also track the users’ browsing details while they use our services, such as search history, web page access, total time spent on our website, response speed to your device, and total number of revisits.

Usage of Collected Data

Insta Story Viewer respects our users' comfort and their privacy. We can unfold and utilize your information stored on our website’s server in the following ways.

Tracking Technology & Cookies

A cookie is a small file sent to your device from the server computer to track your technical details. All the interactive websites use cookies to give users a more personalized and engaging user experience.

Instastoryviewer.de also uses cookies to track down your non-personal and technical details. We store your search history in our caches to facilitate you with a quick response each time you visit Instastoryviewer.

Google Analytics

Google serves as a third-party vendor on Instastoriesviewer to show you more personalized ads. We allow Google to send you double-click Dart Cookies to access your non-personal details. These cookies help Google to identify your interests and show you the ads accordingly. We also allow our advertising partners to show you ads or hyperlink Instastoryviewer. Our website also lets Google Analytics access our visitors' technical details stored on our database to improve our search engine ranking.

No Guarantee

Instastoryviewer tries its best to protect the rights and privacy of our users. But, we can't ensure or compensate you in case of any physical, psychological, or cyberbullying. We aren't responsible for protecting your data in case of unethical hacking. Our team can also terminate your access to our website and our tools if we find you violating our community guidelines.


Please note that we just own the content of Instastoryviewer.de’s website. We preserve our copyright to take legal action against you if we find you accessing our website to build a competitor platform or copying our content to your website.

Also, note that we are here to facilitate Instagram users with anonymous surfing. We aren't linked to Instagram or its content creators, nor do we aim to violate any terms and conditions of Instagram. All the copyrights for Instagram and its content belong to the owners of the content and Instagram.

Contact Our Customer Service Team

You are always heartily welcome to approach us for any queries, issues, requests, or suggestions. We would also appreciate you to contact us to report any problems or ads violating our community guidelines.